Carboy Winemaker Named Winemaker to Watch

To most winemakers — to most wine drinkers — Sauvignon Blanc is an afterthought, “a dramatic dress rehearsal for the rest of harvest,” as winemaker Christopher Christensen puts it. Not Christensen; he’s staking a career on the grape. Since launching Bodkin Wines in 2011, he’s made as many as five different versions of Sauvignon Blanc: one barrel-fermented, one skin-fermented, one late-harvest, one from the Sauvignon Musqué clone, and — his calling card — a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, made in the charmat method, similar to Prosecco. “I love sparkling wine and I love Sauvignon Blanc, and if that makes me less of a man, so be it,” he laughs. “I grew up biracial in Iowa in the ’80s. I’m secure in who I am.”

Read the rest via the San Francisco Chronicle…

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