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Carboy Winery kegs stacked on shelf.


A carboy, also called a demijohn, is a stout glass container with a narrow neck. Available in various sizes, they are essential to winery operations. The use of carboys date back as far as 14th century Europe and 18th century here in the U.S. Originally used for small batch fermentation and storing and transporting wine, the more modern use is for topping off barrels in the red wine cellar.  Our version of a carboy comes in the form of a 1 liter wine growler vessel for filling with your favorite wine in one of our three tasting rooms.  Fill up. Drink up. Repeat.

High quality wine in keg

Colorado is known as one of the major beer capitals of the world with over 600 breweries and tap rooms all over the state. We are also a state committed to eco-friendly practices and providing sustainable solutions that positively impact our world. It is here we saw an opportunity to intersect innovation with sustainability. While we do bottle a portion of our wines, at Carboy we believe that the future of “wine-by-the-glass” is offering wine on tap.

Carboy Winery wine kegs stacked on a red shelf.
Carboy winery bright tank in Breckenridge.

300 gallons of wine!!!

To the best of our knowledge we are pioneers in serving wine straight out of a tank. At our Denver and Breckenridge locations we serve the lion's share of all of our wine out of 300 gallon Brite Tanks where we push our wine through using a mix of 75% nitrogen and 25% CO2.  A fresh glass with every pour, we're reducing our carbon footprint and reducing waste that would normally end up in recycling and landfills.

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