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Green grapes growing in a vineyard.

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Carboy Winery at Mt. Garfield Estate Vineyard

Carboy Owned & Operated

The vineyard rows are the first sights that visitors see as they make their way down G-road to Carboy Winery at Mt. Garfield Estate and the tasting room.  Located at an elevation of 4742 feet above sea level, the estate has a commanding view of Mount Garfield and the famed Book Cliff Mountains as the backdrop. Set on the north side of the Appalachian, the vineyard is composed of silty clay loam soil which is ideal for growing grapes of great depth and character. Though originally planted in 2000, most of the vineyard was replanted in 2021 with a mix of varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Zweigelt, Albariño, and Teroldego.

K Vineyard

Carboy Owned & Operated

Kay Vineyard is made up of well-established, cold climate grape varieties that offer immense possibilities in winemaking. These 20 year-old vines reflect our ever-evolving commitment to Colorado grape growing. Kay Vineyard touts dynamic and exciting grape varieties such as Chambourcin, Marquette, and Traminette to name a few, which allow our winemaker to craft creative and high-quality wines while pushing the boundaries of innovation in winemaking.  Tough cold-hardy in nature and able to survive temperatures that can dip below 0°F in the winter, these grapes also thrive in the high desert climate and can withstand summer daytime temperatures that reach 100°F and ripen quickly due to the northwest-facing exposure. The results are grapes that are full flavor with high acidity and a range of complexity.  Located just 2.5 miles south west of Mt. Garfield Estate, Kay Vineyard is ideally nestled in the heart of the Grand Valley with picturesque views of Mount Garfield in the distance.

Grower Partners

A vineyard showing grapes on vines with blue skies and Mt. Garfield in the background.

Colorado Vineyard Specialists

Born and raised in Palisade on the Western Slope of Colorado to a small peach farmer and water chemist, Kaibab Savage has long been fascinated with nurturing and growing. Kaibab is owner and Founder of Colorado Vineyard Specialists has been perfecting growing grapes in Palisade for more than 2 decades. Numerous award winning Colorado Wines have their origins in his vineyards. He has been passionately seeking the best cultivars and locations for Colorado’s unique climate. He currently farms over 26 different varieties of wine grapes on 60 acres in the Palisade area!

Talbott Family Vineyards

The Talbott Family Orchards & Vineyards are currently in our 4th, 5th and 6th generation of fruit growing here in Palisade Colorado. Since 2000 the vineyards have expanded to include about 45 varieties of both vinifera and cold hardy vines grown over 150 acres with the oldest vineyards currently being 40 years old and some of the original Colorado plantings.

A vineyard showing grapes on vines with blue skies and mountains in the background.
A woman walking her dog in a vineyard at sunset.

Cherokee Vineyard

Located in the heart of Western Colorado, Cherokee Vineyard enjoys the benefits of being nestled in the agricultural sweet spot of Palisade. Founded in 2005 by retired nurse and long-time entrepreneur, Poppy Woody, Cherokee Vineyard is a family owned and operated vineyard, growing some of the best wine grapes in the U.S.A. Time, hard work, and more than a little love goes into every grape grown at Cherokee Vineyard and you can taste that dedication in every drop of wine produced from our vineyard.

Destiny Ridge Vineyard

1,100 miles to the northwest in Washington's Horse Heaven Hills  lies Destiny Ridge Vineyard, home to our friends at Alexandria Nicole Cellars.  It is here, high on the bluffs overlooking the majestic Columbia River, where we have made a second home, planting acreage and working with grape varieties that thrive in the unique soils and climate of this highly recognized appellation of the greater Columbia Valley.

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