Barbie Graham

Tasting Room Supervisor - Palisade

Barbie's wine journey began at age 21 in wine bars in San Francisco and taking courses in viticulture, vinification, and wine tasting. Exploring all things fermented and distilled, Barbie has worked in some of the finest bars and restaurants in the Bay Area, showcasing her penchant for beverage in a variety of settings from classic cocktail speakeasies to wine bars and Michelin and James Beard award-winning restaurants. When she first moved to the Grand Valley in 2017 for the unbeatable outdoor recreation, Barbie discovered the unique and exploratory world of Colorado wine while working as Sommelier and Beverage Director at Bin 707 in Grand Junction. Since then, she has moved back and forth between the Bay Area and Colorado, offering consulting to wineries, bars, and restaurants and continuing to deepen her roots in the wine industry. In addition to her career in hospitality, Barbie has a wide variety of other interests and passions – she is an accomplished landscape designer, a published poet and holds degrees and certifications in holistic healthcare, world religion, English, and ayurvedic medicine. When she's not pouring wine, you can find her teaching yoga and meditation, trail running, making small-batch natural wines, and spending time with her husband and their many cats!