Carboy Winery - Drink Wine Here or Take Some Home!
Carboy Sales & Market Strategy Director, Kevin Webber, standing in front of wine barrels

Kevin Webber

Chief Executive Officer

An original member of the Angelo's Taverna team, Kevin founded Carboy Winery with Owners/Operators Craig Jones and Eric Hyatt in 2015. Though a Colorado native, Kevin’s 25+ years of experience in the restaurant industry led him down a path of great knowledge and appreciation for wine becoming a sommelier in 2011. Kevin is an entrepreneur at heart, simultaneously starting a health and wellness consumer packaged goods brand working in California agriculture from afar, while growing Colorado viticulture here at home. Kevin has been involved in all aspects of Carboy Winery since the beginning including brand and systems development, front of house operations, and sales and market strategy. Kevin currently serves on the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board & CAVE Board of Directors, and sits on the steering committee for the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance. He has a passion for building impactful brands that give back, growing both the outdoor industry and wine industry, and actively promoting conservation initiatives and fighting to protect public lands. In his free time he loves spending time with his family and disappearing into the great outdoors.

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