Carboy Head Winemaker, Tyzok Wharton, standing in front of wine barrels

Tyzok Wharton

Director of Winemaking

After leaving the US Army, Tyzok was living in New York City when he first stumbled upon a deep and abiding appreciation for craft beverages and their culinary counterparts. In 2005, drawn by San Francisco’s epicurean culture, he moved west and discovered a knack for winemaking and a love for fine cuisine. During his time in the Bay Area, he began his winemaking career by crushing and cellaring at various urban wineries, then moved on for a stint in the Mendoza district of Argentina, and in 2010 returned to the Bay Area and helped launch Bluxome Street Winery of San Francisco. Tyzok relocated to Denver in 2016 to join the Carboy Winery family where, drawing on his artisan and foodie inclinations, an Army-trained logistical eye, and extensive experience with optimal fruit sourcing, he took the helm of the winemaking team that produces the most palate-pleasing and food-friendly wines in Colorado.