Since 2016, our award-winning wines have helped lift the Colorado wine industry into prominence as a wine region ripe with possibilities. Through ambitious winemaking and innovation with new varietal wines, sparkling wines, and wine seltzers, we have helped turn a state known for its beer into one that creates exciting and adventurous wines. We craft impactful wines that reveal the extraordinary terroir, and unmistakable typicity of Colorado's Grand Valley and Washington's Horse Heaven Hills AVA's.

a Tale of Two States

A great glass of wine starts in the vineyard, which is why we pride ourselves on our relationship with our growers and incredible winemaking team. In 2021 we added 30+ acres of estate vineyards in Grand Valley, Colorado, making us one of the largest producers in the state. Adventuring westward, we expanded our winemaking operation to Washington state's Horse Heaven Hills, planting 30 acres of vines to make and produce our own brand of Washington wines. Our tale of two states embodies the spirit of exploration as we lead the charge into the wild west of American winemaking.

Carboy Winery at Mt. Garfield Estate Vineyard

Grand Valley, Colorado

K Vineyards

Grand Valley, Colorado

Destiny Ridge

Horse Heaven Hills, Washington

Environmental Leadership & Sustainability

From grape to glass, Carboy is committed to sustainability and helping to shape a more resilient future for the Colorado wine industry. Through holistic vineyard management, water conservation, and innovative packaging solutions, we continue to reduce our carbon footprint while creating award-winning wines year after year.