Our commitment to sustainability

From grape to glass, Carboy is committed to sustainability and helping to shape a more resilient future for the Colorado wine industry. Through holistic vineyard management, water conservation, and innovative packaging solutions, we continue to reduce our carbon footprint while creating award-winning wines year after year.

Environmental leadership

Carboy is a 1% for the Planet member, pledging to donate 1% of all tasting room sales to support Environmental Partner Zero Foodprint and its Restore Colorado campaign promoting regenerative agriculture and carbon farming. We're proud to support Zero Foodprint through their 1% for the Planet membership and other local Colorado organizations to help reduce our carbon footprint and advance sustainability within the state.

In the Vineyard

At its core, winemaking is agriculture, more specifically viticulture. Vineyard activities are responsible for around 40% of wines' total carbon footprint. Through the use of drought tolerant cover crops, a mix of irrigation modalities designed to conserve water (such as micro sprinklers and drip irrigation), and the planting of cold tolerant/heat-resistant grape varieties, we are leveraging a variety of tools to minimize our impact on the environment and combat the already very prevalent impacts of climate change.

In the Winery

Water is an ever increasing concern in the west, but we use this as an opportunity to become more sustainable with our most precious resource. Our Palisade location uses a greywater system to recycle water from winery operations to be used back in the vineyard thus reducing our overall water consumption.

Our Tasting rooms' design uses natural light as much as possible and has energy-efficient lighting systems.

Aging plays a fundamental role in the production of high-quality wines. We reuse our oak barrels multiple times as well as barrels that are shaved and re-toasted and also employ the use of oak spirals to age our wines while reducing the need for new oak barrels.

Carboy Winery winemaker samples wine from a wooden wine barrel.

In the Tasting Room

Wine's largest carbon footprint, anywhere from 40-50%, is in packaging and transportation. The adoption of our 300-gallon Brite tank systems and stainless steel kegs in our tasting rooms has saved over 750,000 glass bottles, corks, and corrugated boxes from being produced and disposed of in recycling bins and landfills. The transparency of these systems is proudly on display for the consumer to see at all of our locations.

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