Carboy Winery Introduces Cold Vines Wine Seltzers

July 21, 2021
Kevin Webber

For the past four years, Carboy Winery has built a reputation as Colorado's most recognizable wine brand, making high-quality, award-winning wines from Colorado’s Grand Valley and growing it’s wine operations and footprint to four locations in a five year span. Today, the team at Carboy is thrilled to announce the release of Cold Vines Crushable Wine Seltzer.  Available in four refreshing flavors, the inaugural release will be available July 29th.

Cold Vines Wine Seltzers, are made from cold-hardy grape varieties that thrive in Colorado’s high altitude climate, are ideally suited for sparkling wine and selzers, and produce beautifully aromatic still wines in their own right.  Produced by Carboy Head Winemaker Tyzok Wharton, they come in four flavors: Black Cherry, Lemon, Peach, and Watermelon. Adding to their appeal, these sophisticated wine seltzers contain roughly 130 calories, are 5% alcohol by volume, are gluten-free, and have zero refined sugars.

The idea for Cold Vines Wine Seltzers occurred last summer, when the Carboy team began their journey and commitment into making sparkling wine, something Carboy CEO Kevin Webber believes could be the future for Colorado wine.  Carboy’s first foray into sparkling wine was met with such overwhelming success that the team decided to commit whole-heartedly to it by creating a “Bubble Barn” at the Denver location which houses two Charmat tanks (a stainless steel pressure vessel designed for sparkling wine production using the Charmat method), and building an even larger Sparkling wine program in their new Palisade location set to open this fall.  With that success, they soon got to work creating a wine seltzer from some of the same grape varieties they used in their sparkling wines.  The result was an instant hit.  

“From the beginning, we have always strived to create a fun innovative wine experience while simultaneously working hard to elevate the quality of everything we do. That includes seltzer.'' says Webber, who has been with the company since inception in 2015. “As we embarked on this journey of making sparkling wine, we were paying close attention to what was happening in the seltzer market and collectively decided; why not make a ridiculously crushable, premium wine seltzer from some of the same grapes as we’re harvesting for our sparkling program? We all got really excited!  It was also a great opportunity to utilize and highlight some of these cold, winter-hardy varieties that are thriving here in Colorado and bring something genuinely unique to this growing category.”

Some of the more obscure grape varieties featured in Cold Vines include Aromella and Vignoles, all harvested from vineyard sources throughout Colorado’s Grand Valley. Jason Snopkoski, Carboy’s COO, has a storied background as a bartender/mixologist and who coincidentally sits on the Colorado Bartender’s Guild, was uniquely suited to the task developing the recipe and flavors for Cold Vines. “The process for crafting these seltzers was much like creating a cocktail in that we sourced the highest quality essences and concentrates to complement our wine and put them together with a focus on taste and balance.”

Cold Vines Wine Seltzers will be offered in 4-packs in 355 ml slim cans ($13.99 per 4-pack) and will be available in restaurants and retailers nationwide and at  A list of retailers will soon be available via the store finder also on their website. Cold Vines Wine Seltzers are best served over ice in a stemless wine glass or directly from the can.

Cold Vines Wine Seltzer hi-res images are here, and media samples are available upon request. More information can be found at or on Instagram @coldvinesseltzer.

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