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There is no fee to join Club Carboy. You will only be charged for the wines purchased at each scheduled allocation. Club charges are automatically processed three (3) times per year. Refunds will not be issued after club charges are processed; all requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing prior to the scheduled charge processing date to avoid being charged. Three (3) allocations (either local pick-up or shipments where available) are required prior to cancelling your membership. Early cancellation will require bottle purchase to satisfy three (3) allocations or incur a $50 early cancellation fee. Shipping is available to out-of-state residents only, and an adult age 21+ must sign for delivery of alcohol. Members are responsible for all shipping fees plus any additional fees for rerouted or returned shipments.

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Questions? Click HERE for club FAQ, email us at club@carboywinery.com or call (720) 770-1621.